Emmanuel Protection  Located in the Lone Star State of Texas.  We pride ourselves in the production of premium xray shielding materials.  We can ship our radiation shielding materials nationwide.

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Emmanuel Protection is a full service radiation protection material manufacturing company. We have over 20 years experience in the manufacturing of lead products. We strive to offer the highest quality radiation shielding materials at competitive prices. We have lead lined drywall, lead lined door and window frames, lead core wood and metal doors, xray shielding leaded glass, lead bricks, neutron doors, and other materials to safely complete your radiation protection projects such as radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging, and industrial radiation protection.

We gladly work with our clients, assisting with room design, drawing production, estimating, and other aspects associated with projects.

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X-ray Radiation Protection




Texas HUB Certified



                              Angiography Radiation Protection                

Emmanuel Protection is a manufacturer of high quality radiation protection materials.  Our radiation shielding/ xray shielding products include lead-lined drywall, doors, frames, lead glass & bricks, neutron doors, etc.



                            CT and PET Scan Radiation Protection                

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                          Linear Accelerator Radiation Protection            

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*  Lead Drywall  *  Lead Plywood  *  Sheet Lead  *  Lead Wood or Metal Doors  *  Lead Lined Frames  *  Lead Bricks  *  Neutron Doors  * 

*  Lead Glass * Mobile Barriers and Fixed Shields  *


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